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Hair Color- Looking for a Stylist in Southern Illinois

Finding a stylist in Illinois for Hair Color

Have you had a hear time finding the right Stylist to do your hair color?

It can be daunting to find a stylist you connect with in Southern Illinois. I am here to help you out and give you some direction on knowing if a Stylist in Southern Illinois is right for you.

Stylist Experience with Hair Color

I think the first step in looking for a new stylist in the areas of Marion, Herrin, Energy, or Carbondale, Illinois area is to find our what type of experience the stylist has. Look at their website and see what services they are most excited about and look at their work history.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Are they passionate about hairdressing
  • Do they seem to keep up on the latest styles and attend continuing education
  • Does the stylist specialize in specific services
  • How long have they been in the business
  • Can you find client review
  • What does their online presence look like
  • Has anyone you know been to this stylist

The stylist you are drawn to should be willing to answer and and all of your questions about the hair service you are interested in and you should feel like there is a clear understanding of your wants and needs. Feeling uncomfortable with the stylist is a red flag. You should let the stylist know politely that you feel unsure. Ask lots of questions.

Show images to your stylist of hair that you like. We love pictures. Be open to the fact that the woman in the picture may have a different hair type than you. A good stylist will make sure that you realize this. We want you to be happy with the results. Ask friends who’s hair you love, who her stylist is.

The best advertisement for us Hairstylist’s is word of mouth and happy clients!

Salon Services

Hair Extensions

Are you a candidate for Hair Extensions?


Are you considering Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions are AMAZING!

Hair Extensions would be a great option in you have trouble with your natural hair. Do you have fine thin hair? Does it just never seem to grow? Maybe you have cut your hair and wish that you had not made that decision? Hair Extensions are a great option for many hair crisis scenarios. The thing that I love about working with my Hair Extension clients the most, is the transformation that happens within an hour of sitting in my chair. That’s right, you can have hair as long as 22′ with Tape in Hair Extensions in about an hour. Why bother with taking in and out clip in Hair Extensions? Tape in Hair Extensions save you time and hassle because of ease of wear, as a result you have more time to do the things you love.

Tape in Hair Extensions are very easy to wear.

Your Hair Extensions require minor maintenance, such as retaping them every 6-8 weeks. You can continue to wear the same set for up to 12 months if you care for them properly and do not use a lot of heat. This makes them an economical option when choosing which type of Hair Extension you would like to try.

You will wash your Hair Extensions just as your own hair. Just be mindful to keep your conditioner off of the tape area to prevent slippage. Blow dry, straighten, and curl your Hair Extensions just as you do your natural hair. For the ladies who have hair that is thinning and the ends look sparse, a full head of Hair Extensions will surely make you smile with glee and make you feel confident and sexy in an instant. It’s amazing the results you can get from having a set of Tape in Hair Extensions installed.

For more information and images of my Hair Extension clients, please click on the link

In the Salon I primarily use Luna Silk Hair Extensions. They are the highest quality Hair Extensions available to professionals. They are 100% Remy European Hair. Double drawn for beautiful fullness, do not tangle, and last for quite a long time.

The Best 100 % Human Remy Double Drawn Hair Extensions Homepage


Salon vs. DIY


Salon vs. DIY

For the beauty conscious woman, having your hair styled through curling, cutting, or dyeing  is among the most important beauty treatments possible. The decision to have them done either professionally at a salon, or by you or a friend is one that weighs on many minds. While there isn’t a perfect answer for all hair salon and spa needs, there is a simple solution for women in Marion IL.

The sometimes lower cost of having a home job done can be tempting, but for most the horror and  frustration at a job poorly done or a hairstyle gone bad more than outweighs a potential cost differential. If you need to look good, have it done professionally. Here are three great reasons why.

●     Expertise

Unless you’re a beauty stylist by day, the employee at a local salon has a far larger knowledge base of tips and tricks to use for just the right look. Your hair’s beauty is on the line, and utilizing a well meaning friend with no experience in designing and actualizing hairstyles is a recipe for disaster. No one would think of letting someone operate on their body without schooling. Why let someone make long-term changes to your look without the same?

●     Coloring

Any large store will have a selection of DIY dyes that claim salon levels of perfection, but is it true? The verdict from the majority of those who have tried a salon hair color as well as DIY dye unanimously pronounces the salon job a better color as well as better for their hair. Remember, your hair color is what everyone initially sees about you. It needs to be perfect.

●     Ease

We live in an increasingly busy world where the demands of others on our time are continual. Utilizing a professional hair salon avoids the hassle, risk, and time spent on a potentially horrifying DIY hair job. A salon can give you an oasis of relaxation and time away from the chaos of the outside world as your hair is done to perfection.

All things considered having your hair done professionally is both the wise and easy choice for those who want a great result and not one they need to cover up. And for those in Southern IL, Sonya Miller makes the decision even easier with affordable pricing and professional service.



Waxing FAQ


How long does hair need to be to receive a waxing service?
Your hair should be at least a 1/8″ to 1/4″ long in order for the was to adhere to the hair. If your hair is too long, we may trim it before wax is applied.Should I trim my hair before my appointment?
If your would like to trim, you may, but do not trim the hair to be less than 1/2″. The wax adheres better to hair hair between 1/4″ to 1/2″ long.  Hair that is shorter than 1/4″ long will not be removed with wax.

Can I bring a friend to my waxing appointment?
If you bring a guest to the spa with you, they are welcome to wait in our waiting area. Guests of the client will not be allowed to enter the waxing room during the service.

Do you have male clients?
Yes! We have many men that come in to remove body hair. Our chest and back waxing services are highly popular. Many men also wax their eyebrow and this service is tailored to the clients brows to maintain a masculine shape. Other popular service include waxing of the nostrils and the Ears. Sonya also offers Brazilian Waxing for Men.

Can my medication affect my waxing service?
Yes, it absolutely can. Sonya will have you fill out an evaluation before beginning your waxing service. It is important to tell her of any medications are currently taking that could affect your skin. There are certain medications and products that actually thin your skin. This can cause what we call “lifting” of your skin, which we want to avoid.

How long will my wax last?
It is difficult to say exactly how long your wax will last, because everyone’s hair grows at different rates. Most clients come in every 3-5 weeks to maintain their silky smooth skin. The longer you wax the finer and more sparse your hair will come in, which makes your future waxing services faster and less painful.

Can  I tan the same day as my waxing service?

It is not advised to tan within 24 hours of being waxed. Also, if you have recently received a spray tan, waxing can remove your spray tan causing discoloration.

What is the difference between a French Bikini Wax, a Brazilian Wax, and a Sphinx Wax?

Although different practitioners use these terms differently, for our purposes we define them as the following:
French bikini does an inch or two in from the bikini line and some off the top.
Brazilian takes everything off on the front and middle of your bikini area except for a strip left at the top of the pubic bone. Some clients prefer to remove all hair from from the area instead of leaving a strip.
Sphinx takes everything off front to back and in between.

Should I feel embarrassed to have a Brazilian or Sphinx wax done?
Absolutely NOT! Remember, Sonya performs these services everyday on multiple clients. You will be covered with a towel to maintain as much of your privacy as possible during the service. She will do her best to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your waxing appointment.

Can I have sex right after my bikini or brazilian wax?
No, you should wait 24 hours after your waxing service. Friction and Perspiration can aggravate your newly waxed skin. Your skin is also more susceptible to bacteria at this time.

Do your waxing services remove every single hair?
Although the technician does her best to remove all hair from the area you are having waxed, we do not guarantee that every hair will be removed. Different circumstance could prevent the hair from being removed during your initial wax such as length, density, or hair that is hidden in the folds of the skin. After your technician is done waxing you, please examine the area that was waxed and discuss any areas of concern before you leave the spa so that Sonya may address it at the time of service.


The History of Egyptian Sugar Waxing


Egyptian sugar wax is a hair removal method, which was safely used all over the body. Egyptians applied it like traditional body wax, but is made from sugar and all natural ingredients. Egyptians who did sugar waxing claim that the sugar wax was not harmful to the skin, had no chemicals added and was Egypt’s traditional wax.

Sugar waxing has been used in Egypt, India, Greece and Persia for over 4,000 years. Sugar wax was found to make smooth, hairless skin and was used on both males and females. The main ingredient in ancient sugar wax was honey, whereas today spas use a modern honey wax and different types of hard wax. Sugar wax was easily made using honey, oil and water, which was heated to a boil. It was then removed from the heat and applied to the skin.

Historically, sugar wax was applied to the upper lip, eyebrow, chin, arms, bikini area and legs. The sugar wax was applied in a thin coat, so that it can grip the hair easily. The Egyptian waxing technician quickly pulls away the wax from the skin, which left silky smooth skin.  Clients who go to a salon or spa for hair removal and choose waxing can expect a quick, rather painless experience. Much in the same way wax was applied by the Egyptian technicians, wax is applied today in our spa.

Egyptian sugar wax worked as a natural skin exfoliator, and lessened the risks of burning, chafing or lacerating the skin. The Egyptian Technician then applied a lotion or gel to the waxed area after the sugar wax treatment. This assisted the treated skin in healing, and prevented any soreness or swelling.