Salon vs. DIY


Salon vs. DIY

For the beauty conscious woman, having your hair styled through curling, cutting, or dyeing  is among the most important beauty treatments possible. The decision to have them done either professionally at a salon, or by you or a friend is one that weighs on many minds. While there isn’t a perfect answer for all hair salon and spa needs, there is a simple solution for women in Marion IL.

The sometimes lower cost of having a home job done can be tempting, but for most the horror and  frustration at a job poorly done or a hairstyle gone bad more than outweighs a potential cost differential. If you need to look good, have it done professionally. Here are three great reasons why.

●     Expertise

Unless you’re a beauty stylist by day, the employee at a local salon has a far larger knowledge base of tips and tricks to use for just the right look. Your hair’s beauty is on the line, and utilizing a well meaning friend with no experience in designing and actualizing hairstyles is a recipe for disaster. No one would think of letting someone operate on their body without schooling. Why let someone make long-term changes to your look without the same?

●     Coloring

Any large store will have a selection of DIY dyes that claim salon levels of perfection, but is it true? The verdict from the majority of those who have tried a salon hair color as well as DIY dye unanimously pronounces the salon job a better color as well as better for their hair. Remember, your hair color is what everyone initially sees about you. It needs to be perfect.

●     Ease

We live in an increasingly busy world where the demands of others on our time are continual. Utilizing a professional hair salon avoids the hassle, risk, and time spent on a potentially horrifying DIY hair job. A salon can give you an oasis of relaxation and time away from the chaos of the outside world as your hair is done to perfection.

All things considered having your hair done professionally is both the wise and easy choice for those who want a great result and not one they need to cover up. And for those in Southern IL, Sonya Miller makes the decision even easier with affordable pricing and professional service.


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