The Benefits of Brazilian Waxing


Many think of waxing as a painful event that they would rather avoid, but waxing is a beneficial part of a beauty routine. Waxing lasts for a much longer time than shaving and does not often have reactions like chemical hair removers. If you wish to try out waxing, a Brazilian wax can be an exciting new venture into hair removal.

Complete Hair Removal

Brazilians are different from other waxes because the goal of a Brazilian is to completely remove hair from the genital area. A Brazilian removes all hair from the vaginal and anal area. The Brazilian wax is the most comprehensive waxing that you can have done on your body.

Performed in Hair Salons and Spas

Most spas and many of the hair salons that you already frequent provide Brazilian waxing services. Most spa locations that give body treatments and massages specialize in Brazilian waxing. It is fairly easy to find someone to perform Brazilian waxes. In the Southern Illinois area Sonya Miller at Hairbangers provides the Brazilian Waxing service. A full service salon and spa is the best option, as you can get all of your beauty services in one.

Offers Hard Wax for Efficient Removal

Hard wax is a good idea for many women when it comes to Brazilians. Hard wax can remove any type of hair from course to fine. Hard wax sticks to hair only, and does not pull hard on your skin. Hard wax is often used in salons. Ask your wax professional for the wax type of that suits your skin  and hair type best.

Hair Grows Back Slowly

Waxing provides the best value for hair removal. Shaving will keep the hair away for a few days, but after around a week, the stubble begins to reappear. When you shave, there is also a higher possibility of ingrown hairs from shaving. Waxing keeps the hair at bay for several weeks at a time, keeping your skin silky and free of shaving bumps.

Waxing is Quick and Easy

In the time that it would take you to shave down one area, you can have a full Brazilian wax that lasts you for a long time. To wax, Sonya  will cleanse your skin, apply the wax, and then pull off with waxing strips or hard wax tabs. Rarely, does she have to go over the same area twice in order to remove all hair. Since hair is pulled from the root when waxing, you remove the hair in one motion. Quick easy hair removal allows you to get in and out of the salon in an hour or less.

Brazilian bikini waxes are quickly becoming all the rage with many women. Brazilian waxes are practical for hair removal and they last for a long time. Brazilians also have the added effect of increasing a woman’s personal feeling about her sex appeal.

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